Our Gutsy Guarantee For Risk Reversal

Guarantee work

You will have the boss’s personal number in your personal phone. 


If anything goes wrong, you phone him and he’ll sort it out.


The other guarantee is: Depending on which package you purchase with us, we will guarantee a specific result that matches your goals within a 12-month time frame. 


If we do not hit that specific result then we will work for six months for you, completely free of charge, to make it right. 


Note: This is a bit like a bet where you can only win because if you get the ambitious result that we promised, we’ve brought you a whole heap more revenue and work so you’re happy.


In the very unlikely circumstance that we can’t achieve your goals for you within that 12-month period of time: If we’re working for you completely free for six months, you’re still happy because you’re getting a whole heap more value than you even asked for. 


We’ll keep at it to get you the result that you need.


The problem with most people’s guarantees, where they offer money back or something like that, is that it doesn’t get you the result you’re looking for. 

Getting your money back is different from getting the result. So what we offer is to the best of our knowledge, the gustiest. We back ourselves with our work because we know we can get you the result. But also, it gives you a crazy level of peace of mind because not only do you have the right team guaranteeing the right result, but they’re committed to hang in with you until they get that.

Not sure why we would guarantee this? We recommend reading more about our philosophy and how we would help you and your business.

Basically, we’re confident that we can help with whatever your marketing needs are so we can help you spend more time on what you do best and having more hours outside of work.