Services to boost your family time

Web Building Services

Website Creation

Unlike other businesses, your website should stand out with case studies, how-to guides, step-by-step advice. Show the world that you are the master of your craft.


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Your competitors do this badly - you have a chance to shine. Show up when people are searching Google using the latest, most effective SEO.

Facebook Ads

Don’t just post on Facebook. Instead, create eye-catching ads full of the exact info & tips people are searching for.

Services - Google Ads

Google Ads

Be seen at the top of Google using eye-catching Google Ads. Aim for $5 of revenue for every $1 you spend on ads.

Services - Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Build a reputation as an expert & demonstrate your skills.

Supercharged Extras - To Boost Your Marketing:

Facebook/Instagram – Social Media Marketing – Social media strategies

Let us take the burden of regular posts to FaceBook and Instragram off your staff so that they can do real work. 

Most businesses have staff who are wasting hours every week posting irrelevant things to Facebook and Instagram. We’ll take this off their hands and let them go back to work. Because, for most businesses, this is not effective anyway. 

Content Marketing – Writing For You – Content strategy and creation services

This is writing exceptional How-To guides and tips for current and future customers.

96% of businesses miss this opportunity so let us do this for you.

Most businesses are saying to potential customers: “BUY NOW” when it is so much more effective to say: “Here are the factors to consider when making the right choice for you.”

Email Marketing – Email campaign services

These are the emails you send to your existing customers and new potential customers.

Your existing customers should be getting tips and strategies that help the most from what you’re already doing for them.

Potential customers should be learning as much helpful information from you in emails. This leads them to recognize that you have the skills to help them and that they trust your motives. Because before they’ve even bought from you, you’ve already been helpful to them. This establishes you as the expert in your field. 

Video Marketing – Video production and marketing

You don’t need perfect editing but you do need a perfect message that gives customers exactly what they need to know. This is not about someone on your team doing skateboard tricks to impress teenagers. That doesn’t turn to sales. 

What it is: It’s where you store short, easy, step-by-step videos that show off your expertise to customers.

It is not “Look at us, we’re so talented”, instead it’s “here’s a step-by-step process that we use” so that customers understand what’s ahead and that they understand that they are in the hands of experienced people.

Use YouTube for 2 purposes.


Marketing Strategy and Branding

This is one of the biggest wastes of time that most businesses do.
They spend too much time on making pretty brochures and logos instead of working out who’s going to read them and what they need to be told.

Stop wasting your time on the appearance of your logo, the appearance of your website, or the appearance of your Facebook page.

Instead, work out who needs what you do and what exactly they need help with. Think about how you can get them exactly what they need to solve their problem.
Because if you get that right, everything else will be seen for the complete and utter waste of time that it is.

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