Take the Stress out of your Marketing


$1 in marketing = $8 in revenue.

Learn how I make $8 back in revenue for every $1 in marketing spend.

(That’s a $10,000 in revenue from every $1250 spent on marketing).


Here’s the exact steps (Free Download)

Learn EXACTLY how to get a consistent flow of keen customers.  

  1. How to choose a niche of a niche of a niche
  2. Get marketing rocket fuel (a.k.a your website)
  3. Make Google want to marry your website
  4. Email your best advice to everyone
  5. Easily get your message into the world.
  6. (Optional) Facebook Ads + Google Ads
  7. Increase your prices for new clients
Stress Free Marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn in this ebook:


STEP 1: Plan your “Subject Matter Expert” Toolbox

First, you want to plan what you will be a subject matter expert in. 

You can’t be a subject matter expert in everything.

What do you specialise in?


STEP 2: Marketing Rocket Fuel (a.k.a your website)

Secondly, we’re going to have a look at your website.

It’s the only view into what you do that the world will see.

It is your rocket fuel. It’s what you need to do well with.

STEP 3: Make Google want to marry your website

And then the third thing is we want Google to want to marry your website. 

We want Google to think, ‘Wow!‘ 

And Google’s just a robot; giving it what it needs is easy.


STEP 4: Email your best advice to everyone

You need to be able to email out your best advice to everyone who is interested.

You will need an automated system that does the hard work for you.

STEP 5: Create & Grow a YouTube channel

Now, the purpose of a YouTube channel is that you’re not a teenager doing bicycle stunts or something to get attention. 

That’s not it. 


You need a place to showcase your expertise and YouTube is perfect for that.


You want a place where people can recognise, ‘Oh, this person knows what they’re doing.’ 

It’s demonstrates you have the skills that customers are looking for.

STEP 6: (Optional) Facebook + Google Ads

If you want to grow and you don’t know where your customers are coming from in the next couple of weeks:

You want to do Facebook ads or, Google ads, or both. 


If you’re someone who’s got plenty of work right now, then you might push that off until later.

STEP 7: Increase your prices for new clients

You need to increase your prices for new clients. 

I’m not saying for every client – I’m saying for new clients.


But for new clients, you can increase your prices. 

I’ll show you why, and I’ll show you how.

STEP 8: Keep It Up

And then the last thing is, you’ve got to keep it up.


We will go into the details of each step later in this guide.


Why be Yoda, Dumbledore or Gandalf?


Would you argue with Yoda?

Yoda knows his stuff. 


Customers listen to your advice when they view you as a subject matter expert. 

And when they view you as the obvious choice in your business. 


Here’s how filling this role makes a major difference:

Customers listen to your advice

Being viewed as an authority means your recommendations are rarely questioned.

Customers will happily pay higher prices

Your expert status justifies premium pricing, as clients trust your value.  People want a ‘safe bet’ – and as the expert – that’s you.  

You can charge more, but customers still want you – because they know the job will be done ‘right.’

Get referrals easily

Satisfied customers become enthusiastic referrers, organically growing your client base.

Pick & choose your customers.

With lots of leads, you can select projects that truly fit your specialty.

Customers trust you

This trust lowers conflicts and improves project completion.

Customers see you as the ‘safest option’

Being the safest option in a market of choices makes you a no-brainer for risk-avoiding clients.

Charge more $$$

Your value allows you to command higher fees, improving your profitability.